Wild Thing….she loves you!

Kids Clothes Week Edition

As you may recall I’ve vowed to not sew Ella things that she won’t wear. So most dresses are out. That said, she still needs dressy-ish clothes for church, fancy dinners and the occasional theater trip with Grandma. I decided to make things I know she wears (shorts and tops) and just make them out of nicer, but still washable (because I’ve already learned that lesson) fabrics.

The first piece I chose to sew are the Oliver and S class picnic shorts. I think this is one of the first Oliver and S patterns that I bought and I’ve made the shorts and the top many times.  It is a cute pattern and it lends itself to lots of different styling ideas. Last summer I made Ella the shorts in a size 4. I used button elastic in the back waistband so they were pretty forgiving. This time I just assumed a size five would fit because she still wears the size four to play in the yard. (We’ve had exactly two warm days in my opinion and she is already wearing shorts like her Daddy)  The size five does fit, mostly. The shorts are a bit shorter than I would like, but we are going to roll with it because the fit everywhere else is so spot on.

 See what I mean? All leg.

The shorts’ fabric is what was left after I made myself a skirt. It is a medium weight woven pique.  I know it washes well but it does require hang drying. (Must remember to tell my husband this as he is more on top of keeping the laundry moving from washer to dryer than anyone I know)

The shirt is another Oliver and S pattern called the Ice Cream dress and blouse. I’ve made Ella both the dress and the blouse version out of lawn and she loves them. (Yes, she even loves the dress)  This time I used fabric that my mom picked up at the Joann’s 50% off Red Tag sale.  It is a linen look but it doesn’t seem to be as prone to wrinkles as an actual linen.  Honestly I wasn’t sure I liked the fabric when my mom brought it, but as I worked with it, it kinda grew on me. And nothing fits better with this round’s  of Kid Clothes Week’s theme of wild things better than rainbow zebra.

I made a size five but I lengthened the top to about a seven and put in a hefty hem. This fabric seemed prone to fraying so I did French seams to keep things neat and tidy. Bonus: The top works well with leggings so it will be a good piece as we slowly transition to warmer weather.

Ella’s absolute favorite thing is that I agreed to sew on this button that she found in the button box. She has asked me to sew this particular button on to so many other things but I kinda hate it. Honestly, when you are wearing a rainbow zebra print blouse why not have a big zebra button?

 And given the clothing struggles we often have, I will concede an ugly button if she will wear clothes other than leggings and t shirts.

 See the facing on the shorts?  Same as the shirt.  I did this to remind her that they go together.


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