An Art Museum with cargo pockets upcycle

If nothing else, I love a challenge.  So when the upcycle theme for this winter’s Kid’s Clothes Week came up, I really though about what I could upcycle.  Also, I should mention that when it comes to upcycling I kinda hate it.  I have such admiration for all these ladies out there that rework their clothing and their husband’s clothing into these awesome creations for their children.  Check out this awesome sweater Jane from Buzmills made for her son with her husband’s sweaters.  I would wear that sweater.

We don’t have a huge selection of cast away clothing in this house.  Our house isn’t too large so once closets are cleaned out, clothing is promptly donated (where “promptly” means it rides around in my car for a couple of weeks, before I remember to take it to the thrift store).  So for the last upcycle project of Kid’s Clothes Week, I decided to clean out my closet.  And in there I found a bunch of stuff that I just don’t wear.  (it is currently hanging on a very large hook on the back of my bedroom door in the hopes that I get inspired to wear it).  And I found somethings that were just going to have to be thrown away.  Things that I throw away include clothing that is stained or in just bad repair.   One of the things in that pile was a Marc Jacobs shirt dress from about 10 years ago.  While it still fits (yay!), it has a couple stains that just wouldn’t wash out.  And believe me I tried everything!  It is made of a ripstop looking material and I decided that it would become pants for Barrett, who is in pretty desperate need for pants.

And here we go with why I hate upcycling.  Oh my, the amount of time spent with my seam ripper was epic!  I took all the pockets off the dress and then the belt loops and I had to undo the darts.  I stuck myself in the tips of fingers and my hands more times that I can count.  I chose the Oliver and S Art Museum Trouser pattern because it is tried and true.  And I love the way the front pockets look.  I skipped the welted back pockets because I wanted this to be a fast project (at least the sewing portion).  If you should ever want to make welted pockets thought, I must say, I learned a lot following this pattern and it isn’t nearly as hard as it looks.  I kept the original hems and I knew the pants would come out too long, but I really wanted to maximize the amount of time that these will fit Barrettt.  I sewed up a size 18-24 but used the length of the 2T.  I also added just a bit more room through the hip because I use cloth diapers and I hate when pants are so tight that he can’t move.

Of course I made the most of the cargo pockets that I took of the dress and used them on his pants.

I like the fit of the pants, but you can see where some of the original stitches were, especially the back darts.  I couldn’t find a way to use the existing darts.  I steamed the spots where the stitching was and they are still visible to me.  I am hoping that once I wash the pants a couple of times that they will fade a bit. But really it doesn’t matter that much, because I made these to be pants for play, not for fancy outings.

Oh and the waistband is all kinds of crazy pieced because I couldn’t find a big enough piece of the dress for that pattern piece.

I haven’t decided yet if I will hem these (resulting in a double hem). So for now they are just cuffed.


Our poor dog has become a jungle gym and step ladder for Barrett



How cute are these two? He asks for her to carry him quite a bit.




So a pretty successful upcycling week for me.  And I didn’t even have to neglect other projects to get these things done.  (*gasp that would suggest that I could always allot this much time for sewing if I was a smidge better at time managment).



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