Field Trip Raglan Upcycle

When my dear friend Sarah came to visit last year, she was wearing a t-shirt from the famed Momastery website. Ella instantly fell in love with her shirt because it had a sparkler on it.  Lucky for Ella, Sarah had bought two different sizes and she said Ella could have one.  Now Sarah is an adult woman and Ella is 6.  So the chance that the shirt was going to fit her was slim, but I knew I could rework it so that Ella could have her very one sparkler shirt.  It took me forever to get around to the project, but the upcycle theme of Kids Clothes Week was the perfect time to tackle this project.

I laid out all the t-shirt patterns that I have on the woman’s size medium shirt.  I really thought the Flashback Skinny Tee was going to work, but because of the dolman sleeves on the original shirt I couldn’t fit the pieces without losing part of the design.  Turned out the the Oliver and S Field Trip Raglan worked the best.

I was able to use the ribbed waistband of the original shirt for the neckband of the ragalan tee.

Ladies size medium.



The best thing about using the raglan pattern to do this, was I was able to use the sleeves exactly as is.  So sewing this together was quick.  I think it took me more time to lay out the pieces than it did to sew the shirt.

Remember who I said awhile back that I was only going to sew Ella clothes that were her style.  Well this one fits that bill.  I had her try it one before I hemmed the bottom and she wore it that entire afternoon. (with no hem and lots of untrimmed threads on the inside).  That night I cleaned it up and gave it a proper hem.  The next day she wore it all day.  Success! (finally)

She not one to enjoy being photographed, but here she is in her new to her shirt.





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