Ella’s 6th Birthday

My curious independent first baby tuns six today. Six. That just sounds so old. She is turning into her own little person. She is unlike me in so many ways. She is a definite extrovert while I am in introvert, she is incredibly athletic while I’d rather sit and read a book (or sew) and she has such different ideas about fashion than I do. While she likes a dress she much prefers tunics and leggings. And she hasn’t met a sneaker that she doesn’t love, but a ballet flat or other dressy shoe is just not her thing.

So for her birthday this year and for the foreseeable future, I am making clothes that she’ll actually enjoy wearing, starting with the Playtime Tunic. I love this pattern for so many reasons. It’s a pretty quick sew, it has pockets and it has some fun variations. One of those is a mock peter pan collar topstitching detail. I used some Cotton and Steel fabric that I picked up on sale from Imagine Gnats fabric shop . I think I bought out the last of it because she doesn’t have any in stock anymore. The butterfly pattern is so busy (right up Ella’s alley) that I didn’t think the topstitching would really stand out. Instead I modified the stitching templates to make a Peter Pan collar.


I couldn’t love it more. It’s the perfect mix of all things Ella and some things me. The Peter Pan collar and gold topstitching at the cuff and hem are all me.



The fact that it is a comfy tunic with butterflies on it is all Ella. And that it matches her newest pair of sneakers couldn’t be more perfect because I know that is how she’ll style it!


Just look how those butterflies line up down the front! I made myself completely crazy trying to make that happen. And no one will notice it unless I point it out!

Happy Birthday Ella! You keep me on my toes and make me think outside the box. I love you so much.


One thought on “Ella’s 6th Birthday

  1. Happy birthday to you little one! Six does sound amazingly old. And hooray for making clothes that kids want to wear! At least with my daughter I find myself scrambling to keep up with her changing preferences. But there’s nothing better than sewing something your child loves.

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