Ready for my close up

Here it is, my first school photo dress. IMG_7545.JPG

I bought this fabric at Ella’s request. We were sitting in the car waiting for my husband and she was scrolling through on my phone (start ’em young, right?). She picked this voile because she really liked the print. I was kind on the fence about it. Once it arrive I wasn’t even sure what to make out of it. I even posed the question in the Oliver and S Discussion forum to get some ideas of what others would a make with it. I got some great ideas like the Apple Picking Dress, but I ultimately settled on the School Photo Dress

It’s a clever little pattern. The dress itself is lined and has an invisible zipper. I know lots of people are afraid of installing zippers. I personally love a zipper closure. (I’m less excited about hand sewing linings or facings to the zippers that I love so much. But it still takes less time than it would for me to sew say six buttons as a closure). There is a pocket in the front that I was sure Ella would love. IMG_7552.JPG

Nope. Not loving it. Oh well I told her to just pretend that it’s not there.

I think it is the fabric but she looks so mature in this dress. IMG_7550.JPG


I ended up lining the sleeves as well as the body of the dress for two reasons. First I want Ella to be able to wear this into the fall without getting cold. And second because voile is so thin the color of the fabric looked off on the sleeve as compared to the lined dress. Let me say if it wasn’t about getting a specific look, I certainly would have avoided this step. You see the lining was already sewn in to the body of the dress when I decided to line the sleeves. Which means I had to hand sew the lining around the sleeve openings. To give you an idea how much I hate to hand sew; my mother saw the dress before I complete it and said she’d “help me out” with the hand sewing. She said this the same day she was helping fold my laundry (yes, I’m spoiled and I do remember to thank her often for her help) and noted the facing wasn’t sewn down on a skirt I had made myself months ago. Whoops. I call that skirt a wearable muslin so I wasn’t that invested in the inside finishes. This school photo dress on the other hand looks as good inside as it does outside.

I love the shape of the dress on Ella.


Oliver and S patterns always have clever ways to sneak in pockets. This dress is no exception. And even though Ella says she doesn’t like the pocket, I am sure she’ll appreciate it when she finds something that needs to go in it.


4 thoughts on “Ready for my close up

  1. I have my eye on this pattern, largely because of the zipper! I’m tired of finding buttons that match and making button holes and sewing on buttons! Your version is lovely. How did you find the fit? I think I’ll wait to buy the pattern until my girl can fit in the size 5.

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