Finally a badminton

Confession: I have been avoiding sewing the Oliver and S Badminton Dress. Why? Well there is this part in the instructions that says something like, don’t worry this looks messy and it looks like it won’t come together but it will. Well that scared me. I mean when does and Oliver and S pattern sound like anything other than, “you got this”. So I’ve had the pattern for some time and I’ve only made the skort. Several skorts and at least one skirt without the shorts underneath.

But Delilah asked for a “no sleeve” dress and I decided it was time to jump in.


photo 2

Turns out that it isn’t bad at all. And really there was no reason to be afraid. My sewing machine had just broken as I was finishing up a baby blanket for a friend (tears) so I borrowed my mom’s. Even using a machine I wasn’t too familiar with, things still went okay with the badminton. I did manage to break not one, not two, but three needles (sorry Mom, I owe you a pack of needles) on this project. But we all know that has nothing to do with the pattern and everything to do with the sewist who refused to read the directions on her mother’s machine.

All told, I love this little dress. I skipped the scalloped hem because I liked the straight lines on the fabric. I think it looks like a graphic owl print. Delilah says they are arrows. I don’t really care what they are because she happily wore dress as soon as it was done. All the pictures were hastily snapped while visiting a friend. Sooo not the best quality. But you get it. Cute dress requires very little fabric, especially if you don’t use the hem facing and scalloped bottom.


photo 1 (2)




Me semi-cooperative model chose the spot for her photos. Her exact words were “come with me.  I know a cute spot to take pictures”. That spot is the playhouse in her friend’s back yard. She loves the window and really wanted a picture of herself in the window. Although the way she wanted the picture taken you can’t see the dress at all.



photo 1 (1)



photo 2 (1)


Deliah’s idea for the perfect picture…herself looking out the window…

photo 3 (2)


So tell me, are there any patterns that just scare/scared you so much that you didn’t make them? If you ever did make them, were they as bad as you made it out to be in your head?


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