KCW – Summer

It’s been a crazy week. We have family visiting, the girls have a million summer dance classes and swim team and Barrett turned one!  One!? How on earth did that go so fast??

There was the obligatory party to plan and host.  Although this time it was just family so it was low key.   But still, I am not sure why I thought it would be easy to participate in Kids Clothes Week.  Technically I have an extra hour in my day to dedicate to making clothing for my children because my one year old wakes up consistently at five a.m.  So I have plenty of  waking hours to get things done; however, finding the motivation to do said things is another story.

I was able to push through and sew an hour or more a day and actually have the clothes to prove it. In the interest of fairness, everyone got  a thing or two.

For Barrett, I made the lullaby layette shirt from Oliver and S. I used short sleeves and I brought the sides in a bit. I first followed the pattern exactly and made it as an a-line shirt but I didn’t like the way it looked in on him so I straightened it a bit.  I think if he were a little younger or if I was making it for a girl, I might like it with the a-line sides, but it just kept looking like a dress to me.   I made the Oliver and S Sunny Day Shorts to go with the shirt. I think this is the third pair I’ve made him this summer. I love that they are a quick sew and that they fit nicely over a cloth nappy.


Ella got a Skater Dress made from some knit remnants that I bought in the spring. She’s been on a bit of a teal kick so I knew that the colors would be a win. I can’t believe what a grown up dress I ended up with. I would totally wear this dress.


I made the 5/6 size and she has a bit of room in it. But I am hoping that means it will fit next summer too.



For Delilah, I made a romper using the Burda 9711 pattern. It only goes to size 18 months, but based on her measurements that is her size. She has been asking me to make her something out of this whale fabric since I bought it at Joann’s last year. It took some creative pattern placing but I was able to eek out all the pattern pieces out of what I had on hand.


I added a pleat in the back because it was just too boxy on her.


I have to say I love that she is little enough to still pull off this look because I just think she looks so quintessential New England beach baby.



I also made Delilah a Roly Poly Pinafore . I sewed a four, even though her measurements put her at a three.  I am hoping she’ll wear it in the fall with a shirt under it.

This was my first time making one of Rachael’s patterns, despite owning a few. I used a paper patten that she had printed using her indiegogo funding. It was very straight forward and the pictures were helpful. I really liked how she has the directions printed on a booklet that also serves as the pattern “envelope”.

I used thrifted and vintage fabrics for the pinafore, which is reversible!!.



The crossover back is one is one of my favorite features.


And I love both fabrics on her so I’m hoping she wears it often.


Since everyone else got two pieces of clothing, I needed to make one more thing for Ella. I sewed up another Oliver and S Class Picnic Blouse. I’ve made this pattern many times, but I had to trace a size five because Ella has out grown the size four ::sob::

I used a Nani Iro double gauze that I was saving for myself.  She spotted it in with the fabrics and professed her love for it, so it became hers.


It really is as pretty in real life as it looks on the hanger!

With all the business here. I didn’t get a chance to get good pictures of all of the pieces on the kids. So there are a lot of hanger shots. But I got plenty of pictures of this guy eating his first cake albeit gluten and dairy free because food allergies.




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