Independence Day

Fourth of July has kind of become a big holiday for me since moving to New England. We celebrated when I was growing up but there is something about living north of Boston, in a city settled in the 1630’s that makes Fourth of July a big deal. Ever since we moved here we’ve had a party, watched the parade and watched the city fireworks from our deck.

I usually try to make sure there is something fun for the kids in addition to the parade and fireworks. This year, I made a sensory bin full of red, white and blue rice and some other things I found at the dollar store.

As with any other sensory bin, it was a hit. And I was happy that at least for a little while they were able to play with it on the deck. (Yay no rice on the floors of my somewhat clean house).

And then there was the obligatory flag themed dessert. I just used blueberries, strawberries and yogurt pretzels. Nothing fancy and no baking involved!!


It wouldn’t be a holiday if I didn’t create some unrealistic goal like the time I thought having 17 people for a sit down dinner for Easter in my rather small house would be easy. (I had to complete switch my living room and dining room furniture because the living room is bigger). This holiday, I decided or rather it was decided for me that the children should have coordinating outfits. It started when I made Ella a chambray hide and seek dress.


She needs clothes so why not make something that would also work for the fourth. I sewed a straight five because that is what fits her in Oliver and S patterns. Well it was too big on top (lesson learned – use the measurement chart even if it is a pattern company you sew regularly daily with). So I added a box pleat on the front bodice and added pleats on the sleeves to bring them in a bit. I sewed buttons on at each pleat.



Delilah got a Geranium Dress. It stared as a tunic but I really felt a dress would suit her better so I added an folded chambray hem at the bottom.



And Barrett got Sunny Day shorts with the left over chambray and a madras strip for the waist.

20140716-123934-45574871.jpg. Nothing too fancy because he’ll probably outgrow them next week. But they do have a cute little anchor button.

And here is the best picture I could get of all of us at the parade.

20140716-124246-45766382.jpg. My top is my go to Fourth of July shirt that I’ve owned for years. Coordinates pretty well, right?


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