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We all scream for ice cream!

Summer is quickly approaching and Ella could really use dresses. Well she could use all sorts of clothes. Liesl Gibson has the right idea with her plan to sew her daughter coordinating summer pieces to create the perfect wardrobe. I have put a little less into planning and am trying to work with what I have to whittle down my fabric stash. For this dressĀ IĀ used scraps of purple chambray that were left over after making cutting out a skirt for myself and the lawn was left over from a Sorbetto that I made to go with the unsewn purple skirt.

I really love the fabrics. I mean I bought them to sew something for myself so it pretty much goes without saying that I like them, right? And the lawn is close enough to Ella’s preferred fabric, voile. She told me wearing voile is perfect because it is really light, like not wearing clothes. Her experience comes from a voile and shot cotton Ice Cream shirt that I made earlier this spring.



The shirt is cute enough. But it was made on a cold day in the spring when we were all sick and the baby was super fussy. I rushed through and didn’t carefully read the direction so there were mistakes (my seam ripper and I are great friends). And since we had a very cold spring the shirt never really got worn.

I decided to give the pattern a go again. And this time I read the directions (and followed them). Just like every other Oliver and S pattern, when you follow the instructions things turn out beautifully with little frustration.


I omitted the notches on the pockets and the neckline. I felt like there was enough going on with the busy floral print.

I love how the dress looks on Ella.



And that we are finally able to enjoy being outdoors without wearing multiple layers. The girls tried to convince me they would nap in our new to us chaise lounges. It didn’t last long. But long enough to catch this kitty cat basking in the sun.


Happy Summer! Who knows if I’ll need to finish Ella’s wardrobe since she has decided she only needs a couple of bathing suits.