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After making an Oliver and S library dress for one of Ella’s friends, she decided she wanted the same dress. Of course that fabric was gone so I pulled together some fabric from my stash to make her dress. The main dress fabric was bought for a Book Report dress that I didn’t make. And the waistband is left over from last summer’s shorts. I knew the fabrics were a sure thing because they are all a pinkish color.

This time I decided that I didn’t want to do all those button holes nor did I have enough matching buttons in my house. But I did have a bunch of twelve inch invisible zippers kicking around. I continued the circular shape of the facing so it ended at the back seam rather than continuing the facing down the back. I also made sure to cut the back pieces without the notch out where the longer facing would have sewn in. I didn’t make the back pieces smaller to account for the overlap but I did use a 5/8″ seam on the back rather than 1/2″ inch. This was my third invisible zipper install. Each time I think I have gotten better at it. I did rip this one out once because I hadn’t ironed the zipper quite flat enough before installing it. Ironing it a second time (this time with a pressing cloth because I was afraid of melting the plastic) seemed to do the trick to open up the zipper and getting a great install.

Ella is measuring between a four and a five so I made the dress in a five. I have a secret hope that she’ll be able to wear the dress in the fall also. The front seemed a bit low when I put it on her, so I hand-sewed a triangle of the waistband fabric into the v-neck to bring it up a bit. If the dress mostly fits her in the fall, I’ll be able to take it out to get a bit more wear out of the dress.

I am loving this pattern. As I’ve said before it looks complicated but it is so well explained in the directions that it is not difficult to make. I am really looking forward to make lighter weight summer dresses with this pattern. But as we are under a foot of snow here with more coming, I am waiting a bit on my summer sewing.

Note: I interfaced the waistband with a lightweight interfacing since it is a quilting cotton and the rest of the dress is a bottom-weight with a bit of stretch.



And remember how I said the fabrics were a sure thing? Well Ella has pretty much refused to put the dress on. It is either because I put it on her a bunch of times to fit it (which she hates) or she doesn’t like the dress. So for now it’s hanging in her closet hoping to catch her eye.


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