KCW Day 6 – Geranium

I’ve been saving almost a yard of Jay Cyn Bird Blossoms from Fabricworm with the intention of putting a decorative panel on my very old Ergo Sport. I have cute little teething/strap covers out of this fabric but with the amount the carrier gets spit up upon, it didn’t seem like the best use for the rest of the fabric.

Instead I decided to make yet another Geranium Dress for Delilah. It is just one of those patterns that really suits her. This time I planned on it being a jumper to be worn with a long sleeve shirt under it. With a corduroy bodice, it should carry her right through the winter and I’m hopeful she’ll wear it in the spring with a cardigan as well.

I didn’t have quite enough to get a two back skirt pieces out of the fabric. So I cut two fronts. For the back panel, I slit the fabric where it met the bodice and did a tiny rolled hem to finish the opening. The skirt is full enough that my make-do way worked out.

I added a black ribbon to the bottom of the bodice. I guess I am going through a black, white and red phase.

Delilah styled this herself with a black shirt and leggings under the dress.


And the back without the seam.


I love this pattern. It is simple to make and has so many options it lends itself so nicely to customization. The pictures in the directions make it possible for even a beginner to make this pattern with a very finished looking result. And it comes together quickly so it worked perfectly for Kids Clothes week.
kid's clothes week


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